Module 6: Virtual Worlds: Implications for Teaching Children with Autism

The video for this project can be found at

I will come out and say from the start that this is not the video I envisioned. Physical limitations prevented me from shooting the video I wanted, and I could not seem to “get” how to make my video and audio sync properly. What you see here is the result of transforming PowerPoint into Camtasia, which admittedly does not meet the requirements of self-made video.

In spite of these shortcomings, I think the content expresses clearly what I wanted to say about using virtual world games, and particularly Minecraft, as a means of understanding how autistic children learn. It’s also an introduction to Stuart Duncan, one of my personal heroes. I’ll look forward to hearing from my classmates on this project.

I met online with Dorothy Kropf and Joy Avery, and we discussed our videos, the challenges as well as what we thought we did well, and why we chose the topics we did. I attempted to leave a comment on Dorothy’s blog, but for some reason, even though logged in to WordPress, it kept asking me to log in. I have commented on Joy’s video at  http://joyaveryedsp.wordpress. com, and on Stan’s video at:


3 thoughts on “Module 6: Virtual Worlds: Implications for Teaching Children with Autism

  1. I think this video was fascinating. I know some children with autism and the struggle their parents go through. I wonder this might help them. Good job.


  2. Important topic. I think you did a nice job. I used Camtasia and narrated the whole thing twice before I was able to make the audio work. We have learned a lot this quarter!


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