Module 3: Storyboard Time

As part of this module’s assignments, we are presenting storyboards of our individual projects. Mine is about virtual worlds, and more specifically, it concerns the use of Minecraft, a game of digging, fabricating, and building personal places. Minecraft is very popular among autistic children, who have a server dedicated to supporting their efforts and closed to anyone who would exploit their weaknesses. The video embedded here is a PowerPoint storyboard outlining the plan for an eventual video, which will be shot with a video camera rather than created in PowerPoint. It should give you a good idea of what the final project will look like.

I commented on the following storyboard posts:


8 thoughts on “Module 3: Storyboard Time

  1. Unfortunately, I can not read what is written on the slides. It is very blurry and enlarging it does not help 😦 It looks very interesting though.


    1. I’m going to try to fix this. It’s what happened when I tried to export my PowerPoint to Hyperstudio. I think for the purpose of the blog, since it doesn’t have to be in video, I’m going to re-load the original PowerPoint slide show.


  2. Much better! You have a very detailed storyboard and it looks like an extremely interesting topic. I have tried to play Minecraft and quite honestly am no good at it. But I know the kids really enjoy it.


  3. This looks very nice! Are you planning to have yourself in the video at all, or just voiceover? Just curious! Your topic is so intriguing!


  4. Great collaborating with you on our video presentations, Lynette. I really appreciate your topic. I think that its wonderful to use technology for autistic students. Your video was inspiring.


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